PPA License Plate

license plate reader camera system and motorcycle

ระบบกล้องตรวจสอบป้ายทะเบียนรถ PPA License Plate

Camera system to read license plates atThe most accurate on the market used in large projects installed throughout the country, such as projects of the Ministry of Interior Royal Thai Police, Customs Department and other projects of all sizes Both government agencies, private companies, including exporting to sell abroad

withSales of more than 1000 cameras High quality maximum accuracy Supports a variety of license plates, has many features Understanding of various technologiesEssence include AI, LPR, OCR and the ability to innovate new technologies as well asFirst companyOf those who have succeeded in creating Vehicle registration system with license plate detection programs License plate camera in the year 2006 (2006) plus dedication to continuous development for over 10 years, you are confident in security as well. True PPA License Plate Detection and Reading System

Projects installed all over the country

Royal Thai Police

Customs department

Ministry of the Interior

Project in Thailand


Ministry of Defense, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense, Department of Highways, Department of Land Transport, PTT, Thai Cement, Bangchak Corporation, Boon Rawd Brewery, United Pattana Inter Holding, Ajinomoto (Thailand), Sansiri villages and condominiums, Prinsiri and others

foreign projects

Ministry of Interior, Singapore and more than 40 other important agencies in Singapore, Laos, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Brunei, etc.

Highest accuracy in the country

from the testing of many customers Choose PPA even higher price but worth more 

Submit work via 100%

SI and other brand dealers Who sent the job didn't pass, switched to using PPA. because the product is on the cover 100%

order to open the barrier

Automatically open the barrier to the car inside with a license plate

Search for cars by registration number

For example, a car in question must be found immediately using the Search button.

Last pass

Check images of the car compared to the last checkpoint that the car passed. Even in different provinces, different control centers

weather resistant

Don't be afraid of scraped labels There is dirt during the day, night, rain, fog, etc.


Supports development, connection with other systems

Blacklist Alert

Automatic notification of suspicious registration numbers

Car appearance analysis

Registration type Car make, car color, car model, model year


single camera You can check your vehicle registration in several ways.

easy installation

Just set the camera to see the registration number clearly enough for people to read it because the PPA License Plate has similar capabilities to humans.

Can be installed in any form

  • Edge type computer with camera
  • Server type, the computer is at the center
  • Camera type 3G/4G
  • Mobile mobile set
  • LPR Car model installed on the car

There are multiple levels of the control center.

There is a head office control center. have branch control center There is no control center at all.

Record both still images/videos.

Choose a clear license plate image and record cctv images on the same device.

Can use almost all brands of cameras

Supports special license plates

General car, motorcycle (Including province name), military vehicles, police cars, embassy vehicles, and others Meanwhile

Support for car license plates of neighboring countries

Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and others, both cars and motorcycles. (Including city name) at the same time

suitable for

  • Open the automatic barrier from the license plate For residents of villages, condominiums, and people within the agency
  • Secure Doors in and out of each branch, searching for lost cars, suspicious vehicles
  • Check car Smart City Checkpoints
  • Doing Promotion / CRM Members, VIP customers, from car number plates
  • Check billing Parking fee, Truck product weighing, Expressway fee

Other details

PPA Innovation Company Limited

Line: @PPAinnovation


Reserve backup mobile

# The most accurate license plate reading camera system.

Winning Award
Thailand ICT Awards
1st runner up: Security category
Winning Award
Silver Medal and Bronze Medal
International Computer Olympiad