PPA Wise UV Car scan system (Undercar imaging system, Undercar camera)

Confidence in security as well Camera system scan And check under the car PPA Wise UV by helping to prevent unforeseen events Such as the destruction with the Car Bomb, the bomb hiding under the gold car etc.

PPA Wise UV is excellent for reading accurate car registration numbers. Resulting in no weakness in the search and comparison of images under the car with previous times

Winning Award
Computer olympics
Naval Headquarters

Use the PPA Wise UV Auto Alert camera system to take pictures, scan and inspect the underside of cars passing in and out.

Auto alert

Locations that are likely to be foreign objects, including Car Bomb

Read license plates with the highest accuracy.

From the actual use that has license plate scratches, dirt, day and night, rain, fog, etc. (refer to the accuracy ofSpecification document)

Last pass

Compare images under the car. With the last time Including car images, locations, times, etc.

Search for cars by registration number

For example, a car in question must be found immediately using the Search button.

Blacklist Alert

Automatic notification of suspicious registration numbers

Flatbed version

No obstacles on the road surface By smooth buried on the road surface

Mobile version

Mobile type, can be moved later Complete installation in 30 minutes

Large / Sub Control Center

Supports both the headquarters control center And sub-control centers of each area

Can buy programs only

Can buy both Full system Full Service or SpecificThe programTake pictures, scan and inspect the underside of the car DIY System.


Supports development, connection with other systems

Select model and see more details from Datasheet

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